Word of God - The Path … (7)

Almighty God says: All of us can see in our practical experiences that there are many times that God has personally opened up a path for us so that we are treading the path that is firmer, more realistic. This is because this path is the one that God opened up for us since the beginning of time and has been passed on to our generation after tens of thousands of years. So we are succeeding our predecessors who did not walk the path until its end; we are the ones who have been chosen by God to walk the last section of this road. Thus, it has been prepared particularly for us, and no matter if we receive blessings or suffer misfortune, no one else can walk this path. I add My own insight to this: Don’t make plans to escape to any other place or find another route, longing for status, or setting up your own kingdom; these are all illusions. If you have some bias toward these words, I advise you not to become confused.

It’s best if you think it over, don’t try to be too clever or fail to distinguish right and wrong. When God’s plan is accomplished, you will regret that. That is to say, when the kingdom of God comes He will smash to pieces the nations of the earth, and at that time you will see that your own plans have also been obliterated and those who have been chastised are those who are smashed. At that time God will completely reveal His disposition. I figure that I should tell you about this since I am well aware of this matter so that in the future you don’t complain about Me. That we have been able to walk this path until today was ordained by God, so don’t think that you are something special or that you are unlucky — no one may make assertions regarding God’s current work lest you are smashed to pieces. Light has come to Me through God’s work, and no matter what, God will make this group of people complete and His work can never be changed — He is going to bring these people to the end of the road and complete His work on earth. This is something that we should all understand. The majority of people are constantly “forward-looking” and insatiable; they all lack understanding of God’s current anxious intention, so they all have thoughts of escape. They always want to go out into the wilderness to wander like a wild horse that has thrown off its reins, but it’s rare that there are people who want to settle down in the good land of Canaan to seek the way of human life. When they’ve entered the land flowing with milk and honey, wouldn’t they only think of enjoying it? To be frank, outside of the good land of Canaan everywhere is the wilderness. Even when people have entered the place of rest they are unable to uphold their duty; aren’t they just harlots? If you have lost the opportunity for God to perfect you in that environment, it will be something that you repent for the rest of your days; you will feel immeasurably regretful. You will end up like Moses who just gazed at the land of Canaan but was unable to enjoy it, clenching empty fists and dying full of regrets — don’t you think that is something shameful? Don’t you think that being scoffed at by others is an embarrassing thing? Are you willing to be humiliated by others? Don’t you have the heart to strive to do well for yourself? Aren’t you willing to be an honorable and upstanding person who is perfected by God? Are you really someone who is lacking any resolution? You’re not willing to take the other paths but you’re also not willing to take the path that God has ordained for you? Do you dare to go against the will of Heaven? No matter how great your skill is, can you really offend Heaven? I believe that it’s best for us to know ourselves well — just one little bit of God’s word can change heaven and earth, so what is a scrawny little person in God’s eyes?

Looking from My own experience, the more confrontational you are with God, the more God will show to you His majestic disposition, and the more severe will be the chastisement that He “serves” to you. The more you obey Him, the more He will love you and protect you. God’s disposition is like a torture device: If you obey you will be safe and sound. If you do not obey but always want to be in the limelight and play tricks, His disposition will change on a dime. Just like the sun on a cloudy day, He will hide from you and show you the wrath. It is also like the weather in June, with clear skies for miles and blue waves rippling on the surface of the water, until the water suddenly gains momentum and formidable waves well up. Given this disposition of God, do you dare to behave wildly and willfully? Most brothers and sisters have seen in their experiences that when the Holy Spirit works in the day they are full of confidence, but then God’s Spirit suddenly forsakes them without them knowing when, leaving them restless and sleepless at night, casting about for the direction in which His Spirit disappeared. But no matter what they are unable to find out where His Spirit went; and He appears to them again without them knowing when, and just like when Peter suddenly saw his Lord Jesus again, he was ecstatic and seemed to cry out with wild joy. Can you possibly forget having experienced this after so many times? The Lord Jesus Christ, who became flesh, was nailed to the cross, and then was resurrected and ascended into heaven, is always hidden to you for a time, then appears to you for a time. He reveals Himself to you because of your righteousness, and He becomes angry and departs from you because of your sins, so why don’t you entreat Him more? Didn’t you know that since the Pentecost, the Lord Jesus Christ has another commission on earth? All you know is that it’s a fact that the Lord Jesus Christ became flesh, came to the earth, and was nailed to the cross, but you have never been aware that the Jesus you believed in before entrusted the work to someone else long ago. His work was completed a long time ago, so the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ has come to the earth again in fleshly form to do another part of His work. I’d like to insert something here — despite the fact that you are currently in this stream, I dare to say that few of the people among you believe that this person is the One bestowed upon you by the Lord Jesus Christ. All you know is to enjoy Him but you do not acknowledge that God’s Spirit has once again come to the earth, and you do not acknowledge that the God of today is the Jesus Christ from thousands of years ago. This is why I say that all of you are walking with your eyes closed. You just accept wherever you end up — you’re not serious about it at all. It’s for this reason that you believe in Jesus in word, but you dare to blatantly resist the One who is witnessed by God today. Are you not foolish? The God of today doesn’t care about your mistakes; He doesn’t condemn you. You say that you believe in Jesus, so would your Lord Jesus Christ be able to let you off? Do you think that God is the place for you to vent or to lie? When your Lord Jesus Christ once again reveals Himself, He will determine whether you are righteous or whether you are evil based on how you behave now. Most people end up with notions about what I refer to as “My brothers and sisters”; they believe that God’s way of working will change. Aren’t these people just courting death? Can God witness Satan as God Himself? Aren’t you just condemning God? Do you think that anyone can casually act as God Himself? If you really had knowledge, then you wouldn’t develop notions. There’s the following passage in the Bible: All things are for Him and all things are from Him. He will bring many sons to glory and He is our Captain…. Thus, He is not ashamed to call us brothers. You may easily recite the words by heart but you don’t understand what it actually means; are you not believing in God with your eyes closed?

I believe that our generation is blessed to be able to take up the path unfinished by the people of previous generations, and to be able to behold the reappearance of God from several thousand years ago — God who is here among us, and also fills all things. You would never have thought that you could walk upon this path: Can you do it? This path is led directly by the Holy Spirit, it is led by the sevenfold intensified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is the path that has been opened up for you by the God of today. Even in your wildest dream you couldn’t have imagined that the Jesus of several thousand years ago would appear once again before you. Do you not feel gratified? Who is able to come face-to-face with God? I often pray for our group to receive greater blessings from God that we might be favored by God and gained by Him, but there have also been countless times when I have shed bitter tears for us, asking that God enlighten us, and allow us to behold greater revelations. When I see that people are always trying to fool God and without resolve, considering the flesh or struggling for fame and fortune to take center stage, how could I not feel so pained in My heart? How can people be so senseless? Is it that what I do bears no fruit? If your children were all rebellious and were not filial to you, had no conscience, only cared for themselves, never had empathy for your feelings, and just kicked you out of the house after they grew up, how would you feel at that point? Wouldn’t you be awash in tears and reminiscing about the great price you paid to raise them? This is why I’ve prayed to God countless times: “Dear God! Only You know whether or not I have any burden in Your work. In any areas where My actions are not in line with Your will, You discipline Me, perfect Me, and make Me aware. My only request of You is that You move these people more so that You may soon gain glory and these people may be obtained by You, and that Your work may achieve what Your will is and You may complete Your plan soon.” God does not want to conquer people through chastisement; He does not want to always lead people by the nose. He wants people to obey His words and work in a disciplined fashion, and through this satisfy His will. But people have no shame and they constantly rebel against Him. I believe that it is best for us to find the simplest way to satisfy Him, that is, to obey all of His arrangements, and if you can truly achieve this you will be perfected. Isn’t this an easy, joyful thing? Take the path that you should take without paying any mind to what others say or thinking too much. Do you have your future and your fate in your own hands? You always run away and want to take a worldly path, but why can’t you get out? Why is it that you waver at a crossroads for many years and then end up choosing this path once again? After wandering for many years, why is it that you have now returned to this house in spite of yourself? Is this just your own matter? For those of you in this stream, if you don’t believe this, then just listen to Me say this: If you plan to leave, just wait and see if God allows you to, and see how the Holy Spirit moves you — experience it for yourself. To speak frankly, even if you suffer misfortune, you must suffer it in this stream, and if there is suffering, you must suffer here today and you cannot go elsewhere. Do you see it clearly? Where would you go? This is God’s administrative decree. Do you think that it is meaningless for God to choose this group of people? In God’s work today, He doesn’t become angry easily, but if people want to disrupt His plan He can change His countenance in an instant and turn it from bright to cloudy. So, I advise you to settle down and submit to God’s designs, allow Him to make you complete. This is the only way to be a smart person.

Source: The Path … (7)



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