The Church of Almighty God | Chapter 27

8 min readJan 13, 2019

Almighty God says: Human conduct has never touched My heart, nor has it ever struck Me as precious. In the eyes of man, I am always treating him very strictly, and I am always exercising authority over him. In all of man’s actions, there is scarcely anything that is done for My sake, scarcely anything that stands firm before My eyes. Ultimately, everything pertaining to man has imperceptibly crumbled before Me, and only afterward do I make My actions manifest, making everyone know Me through their own failure. Human nature remains unchanged. What is in their hearts is not in accordance with My will — it is not what I need. What I detest the most is man’s obduracy and recidivism, but what is the force that provokes humanity to keep on failing to know Me, to keep Me always at a distance, and never to act according to My will before Me but rather to oppose Me behind My back instead? Is this their loyalty? Is this their love for Me? Why can’t they repent and be born again? Why are people forever willing to live in the swamp instead of a place free of mud?

Could it be that I have mistreated them? Could it be that I have pointed them in the wrong direction? Could it be that I am leading them to hell? Everyone is willing to live in “hell.” When the light comes, their eyes go instantly blind, as everything they have in them comes from hell. But humanity, ignorant of this, are merely enjoying “infernal blessings.” They even hold them as treasures close to their chest, dreading lest I ravish them away, leaving them without their “source of existence.” People fear Me, which is why, when I come to the earth, they stay far away from Me, hating to draw near to Me, for they are unwilling to “bring trouble on themselves,” but wish instead to maintain harmony within the family so that they might enjoy “happiness on earth.” However, I cannot allow humanity to do as they wish, because destroying the family of man is precisely what I am here to do. The moment I arrive, peace will be gone from their homes. I will smash all the nations to smithereens, not to mention the family of man. Who can escape My grasp? Can it be that those who receive blessings may escape by virtue of their unwillingness? Can it ever be that those who suffer chastisement may gain My sympathy by virtue of their fear? In all of My words, people have seen My will and My actions, but who can ever break free of the entanglement of their own thoughts? Who can ever find a way out either from within or from without My words?

Humanity experienced My warmth, they sincerely served Me, and they were sincerely obedient to Me, doing everything for Me in My presence. But people today somehow cannot manage to arrive at this way of being, and they can only mourn in their spirit as if ravished away by a ravenous wolf. They can only look at Me helplessly, crying out to Me for help without cease, but in the end they are unable to escape their predicament. I think back to how people in the past made promises in My presence, swearing on heaven and earth in My presence to repay My kindness with their affection. They wept sorrowfully before Me, and the sound of their cries was heartbreaking and hard to bear. I often gave humanity My help on the strength of their resolution. Countless times, people have come before Me to submit to Me, in an adorable manner that is hard to forget. Countless times they have loved Me with unwavering loyalty, and their sincere emotion has been admirable. On countless occasions, they have loved Me to the point of sacrificing their very lives, they have loved Me more than their own selves, and seeing their sincerity, I have accepted their love. On countless occasions, they have offered themselves up in My presence, for My sake indifferent in the face of death, and I have smoothed the worry from their brows and carefully taken stock of their countenances. There have been countless times where I have loved them like My own treasure, and there have been countless times where I have hated them as My own enemy. Such am I — man can never fathom what is in My mind. When people are sad, I come to comfort them, and when they are weak, I come to help them along. When they are lost, I give them direction. When they weep, I wipe away their tears. However, when I am sad, who can comfort Me with their hearts? When I am worried sick, who is considerate of My feelings? When I am sorrowful, who can make up for the wounds in My heart? When I need someone, who would willingly offer to act in concert with Me? Can it be that people’s former attitude toward Me is now lost, never to return? Why is it that there is not a single jot left in their memories? How is it that people have forgotten all these things? Isn’t this all because mankind has been corrupted by their enemy?

When the angels play music in praise of Me, this cannot but stir up My sympathy for man. On the instant, My heart is filled with sadness, and it is impossible to rid Myself of this painful emotion. In the joys and sorrows of being sundered from and then reunited with man, we are unable to exchange sentiments. Separated in heaven above and on earth below, man and I are unable to meet regularly. Who can break free from nostalgia for former feelings? Who can stop reminiscing about the past? Who would not hope for the continuance of the sentiments of the past? Who would not pine for My return? Who would not long for My reunion with man? My heart is deeply troubled, and man’s spirit is deeply worried. Though alike in spirit, we cannot often be together, and we cannot often see each other. Thus the life of all mankind is fraught with grief and lacking in vitality, for man has always yearned for Me. It is as if human beings were objects knocked down out of heaven; they cry out My name upon the earth, lifting up their gaze to Me from the ground — but how can they escape the jaws of the ravening wolf? How can they free themselves from its threats and its temptations? How can human beings not sacrifice themselves by way of obedience to the arrangement of My plan? When they loudly entreat, I turn My face away from them, I cannot bear to look on any longer; however, how could I not hear their tearful cries? I will correct the injustices of the human world. I will do My work with My own hands throughout the world, forbidding Satan from harming My people again, forbidding the enemies from doing whatever they please again. I will become King on earth and move My throne there, making all My enemies fall to the ground and confess their crimes before Me. In My sadness, anger is commingled, I will trample the whole universe flat, sparing no one, and striking terror into the hearts of My enemies. I will reduce the whole earth to ruins, and make My enemies fall into the ruins, that henceforth they may corrupt mankind no more. My plan is already fixed, and no one, no matter who they are, will be able to change it. As I roam in majestic pomp above the universe, all humanity will be made new, and everything will be revived. Man will no longer weep, and no longer will he cry out to Me for help. Then My heart will rejoice, and the people will return in celebration to Me. The whole universe, from top to bottom, will roil in jubilation …

Today, among the nations of the world, I am doing the work that I have set out to accomplish. I move about in the midst of humankind, doing all the work within My plan, and all humanity is breaking up the sundry nations of the world according to My will. The people on the earth have their attention fixed on their own destination, for the day is drawing closer and the angels are sounding their trumpets. There will be no more delays, and all creation will thereupon begin to dance in jubilation. Who can extend My day at their will? An earthling? Or the stars in the sky? Or the angels? When I make an utterance to initiate the salvation of Israel’s people, My day presses in upon all of mankind. Every man fears the return of Israel. When Israel returns, that will be My day of glory, and it will also be the day when everything changes and becomes renewed. As a righteous judgment imminently approaches the whole universe, all men grow timid and fearful, because in the human world, righteousness is unheard of. When the Sun of righteousness appears, the East will be illuminated, and then it will in turn illuminate the whole universe, reaching everyone. If man can really carry out My righteousness, what would there be to fear? My people all await the arrival of My day, they all long for the coming of My day. They wait for Me to bring retribution on all of mankind and to arrange mankind’s destination in My role as the Sun of righteousness. My kingdom is coming into shape above the whole universe, and My throne holds sway in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. With the angels’ assistance, My great accomplishment will soon be brought to fruition. All My sons and My people await My return with bated breath, longing for Me to reunite with them, never to be separated again. How could the multitudinous populace of My kingdom not race toward one another in joyful celebration because of My being together with them? Can this be a reunion for which no price need be paid? I am honorable in all men’s eyes, I am proclaimed in the words of all. When I return, I will conquer all enemy forces even more. The time has come! I will put My work in motion, I will reign as King among men! I am on the point of return! And I am about to depart! This is what everyone is hoping for, it is what they wish. I shall let the whole of humanity see the arrival of My day, and let them welcome the coming of My day with joy!

April 2, 1992

Eastern Lightning — the appearance and work of God in the last days has rocked all sects and denominations, and all kinds of men have been revealed.