Word of God - The Path … (5)

Almighty God says: It used to be that no one knew the Holy Spirit, and they particularly did not know what the path of the Holy Spirit is. That’s why people always made fools of themselves in front of God. It can be said that nearly all of the people who believe in God do not know the Spirit, but just have a confused kind of belief. It’s clear from this that people do not understand God, and even though they say they believe in Him, in terms of the essence of it, based on their actions they believe in themselves, not God. From My personal actual experience, I can see that God witnesses God in the flesh, and from the outside, all people are forced to acknowledge His witness, and it can just barely be said that they believe that the Spirit of God is completely without error. However, I say that what people believe in is not this person and it particularly is not God’s Spirit, but they believe in their own feeling.

Isn’t that just believing in themselves? These words I say are all true. It’s not labeling people, but I do need to clarify one thing — that people could be brought to this day, whether they have clarity or they are confused, this is all done by the Holy Spirit and it is not something that humans can dictate. This is an example of what I’ve mentioned before about the Holy Spirit forcing people’s belief. This is the way that the Holy Spirit works, and it is one path that the Holy Spirit takes. No matter whom people believe in in essence, the Holy Spirit forcefully gives people a type of feeling so that they believe in the God in their own heart. Isn’t this the kind of belief that you have? Don’t you feel that your belief in God is a strange thing? Don’t you think that it’s a strange thing that you are unable to escape from this stream? Haven’t you put any effort into pondering this? Isn’t this the greatest sign and wonder? Even if you’ve had the urge to escape many times, there’s always a great life force that attracts you and makes you reluctant to walk away. And every time you encounter this you are always choked up and sobbing, and you don’t know what to do. And there are some of you who try to leave, but when you try to go, it’s like a knife to your heart, and it’s as if your soul was taken from you by a ghost on earth so that your heart is restless and without peace. After that, you can’t help but steel yourself and return to God…. Haven’t you had this experience? I believe that the young brothers and sisters who are able to open up their hearts will say: “Yes! I’ve had so many of these experiences; I am so ashamed to think of them!” In My own daily life I am always happy to see My young brothers and sisters as My intimates because they are full of innocence — they are pure and so lovable. It’s as if they are My very own companions. This is why I’m always looking for an opportunity to bring all of My intimates together, to talk about our ideals and our plans. May God’s will be carried out in us so that we are all like flesh and blood, without barriers and without distance. May we all pray to God: “Oh God! If it is Your will, we plead with You to provide us with an appropriate environment so that we may all realize the wishes in our hearts. May You have mercy on those of us who are young and lacking in reason, so that we may exert every drop of strength in our hearts!” I believe that this must be God’s will because long ago, I made the following supplication in front of God: “Father! We on earth call out to You at all times, and hope that Your will may be completed soon on earth. I am willing to seek Your will. May You do what You want to, and complete what You have entrusted to Me as soon as possible. As long as Your will can be accomplished as soon as possible, I am even willing for You to open up a new path among us. My only hope is that Your work can be completed soon. I believe that no rules can hold Your work back!” This is the work that God is doing now. Haven’t you seen the path that the Holy Spirit is taking? When I encounter older brothers and sisters, there’s always a feeling of oppression that I can’t put My finger on. It’s only when I’m with them that I can see that they reek of society, and their religious notions, experiences with handling things, their ways of speaking, the words they use, etc., are all exasperating. It’s as if they are full of wisdom and I always stay far away from them because personally, My philosophy of life is very lacking. When I am with them I always feel exhausted and overtaxed, and sometimes it becomes so serious, so oppressive that I can hardly breathe. So at these perilous times, God gives Me the best way out. Perhaps it’s My own misconception. I only care about what benefits God; doing God’s will is most important. I keep far away from these people, and if God requires Me to deal with them, then I obey. It’s not at all that they are detestable, but it’s that their “wisdom,” notions, and philosophies of life are so irritating. I’m here to complete what God has entrusted Me with, not to learn from their experiences with handling affairs. I remember that God once told Me the following: “On the earth, seek only to do the will of the Father and complete what He has entrusted You with. All else is irrelevant for You.” When I think of this I feel a bit of peace. This is because I always feel that earthly matters are too complicated and that I can’t wrap My head around them — I never know what to do. So I don’t know how many times I’ve been so distraught for this and have hated mankind — why are people so complicated? What’s wrong with being a little simpler? Trying to be clever — why bother? When I deal with people for the most part it’s on the basis of God’s commission for Me, and even though there have been a few times that this wasn’t the case, who can possibly know what’s hidden deep in My heart?

There have been many times I have advised the brothers and sisters who are with Me that they should believe in God from their own hearts and not protect their own interest, that they should be considerate of His will. I have cried bitterly in front of God many times — why are people inconsiderate of God’s will? Could it be that God’s work would just disappear without a trace for no reason at all? I don’t know why, and it seems that it has become the riddle in My heart. Why is it that people never recognize the path of the Holy Spirit, but they always maintain improper interpersonal relationships? I am nauseated when I see people like this. They do not see the path of the Holy Spirit, but just pay attention to what people do. Can God’s heart be satisfied this way? I am frequently saddened by this. It seems that this has become My burden to bear. The Holy Spirit is also concerned about this — don’t you feel any blame in your heart? May God open up our spiritual eyes. As One who guides people to enter into the spirit, I have prayed before God many times: “Oh Father! May I make Your will the core and seek Your will. May I be faithful to what You have entrusted Me with for You to obtain this group of people. May You bring us into a free world so that we may all get in touch with You with our spirits. May You awaken the spiritual feelings in our hearts!” I hope that God’s will is completed, so I pray to Him without cease that His Spirit may continue to enlighten us and allow us all to take the path led by the Holy Spirit. This is because the path that I walk is the path of the Holy Spirit. Who else could walk that path in My stead? It is this that makes My burden even heavier. I feel as if I am about to fall over, but I believe that God certainly will not delay His work. Perhaps when what He has entrusted to Me is completed we will part ways. So maybe it is because of the effect of God’s Spirit that I have always felt different from others. It is as if God wants to do some work, and now I still have not gained a grasp on it. However, I believe that no one on earth is better than My intimates, and I believe that My intimates will pray for Me in front of God. If so, I will be immeasurably grateful for this. I hope that My brothers and sisters may say with Me: “Oh God! May Your will be fully revealed in those of us in the final age so that we may be blessed with the life of the spirit, that we may see the deeds of the Spirit of God and His true face!” Once we have reached this step we will truly be living under the guidance of the Spirit, and only at that time will we be able to see God’s true face. That is, people will be able to understand the true meaning of all of the truth. It is not understood or comprehended through human notions, but enlightenment occurs based on the will of God’s Spirit. In its entirety, this is God Himself working without a bit of man’s idea in it. This is His work plan for the actions He wants to reveal on earth, and it is His final piece of work on earth. Are you willing to participate in this work? Do you want to be a part of this work? Do you have the will to be perfected by the Holy Spirit and to enjoy the life of the spirit?

The crucial work right now is to go deeper from our original foundation. We must go deeper in the aspects of the truth, the vision, and our lives. However, I must first remind My brothers and sisters that in order to enter into this work, you must discard of your previous notions. That is, you must change your previous lifestyles, make a new plan, and turn over a new leaf. If you continue to uphold what has been precious to you in the past, the Holy Spirit will be unable to work in you; He will barely be able to sustain your life. If a person does not seek or enter in, or make a plan, the Holy Spirit will fully abandon them. This is called one who is rejected by the age. I hope that My brothers and sisters can all understand My heart, and I also hope that more “new recruits” are able to stand up and work with God to complete this work together. I believe that God will bless us, and I also believe that God will bestow upon Me more and more intimates so that I may travel to the ends of the earth and we may have even more love between us. I am more convinced that God will expand His kingdom due to our efforts, and I hope that our hard work reaches unprecedented levels so that God may gain even more young people. May we all pray more for this and beseech God without cease so that our lives are lived in front of Him, and that we are intimate with God. May there be no barriers amongst us, and may we all swear this oath in front of God: “To work unitedly! Devotion until the end! Never part, to always be together!” May My brothers and sisters set this determination in front of God so that our hearts do not stray and our wills are unwavering! In order to achieve God’s will, I would like to say again: Work hard! Give it everything you have! God absolutely will bless us!

Source: The Path … (5)