Word of God - The Path … (3)

9 min readMar 30, 2019

Almighty God says: In My own life, I’m always willing to give Myself over to God entirely, body and mind. This way, there is no blame on My conscience and I can gain a little bit of peace. A person who pursues life must first give their heart over to God entirely. This is a precondition. I’d like for My brothers and sisters to pray with Me to God: “Oh God! May Your Spirit in heaven bestow grace upon people on the earth so that My heart may fully turn to You, that My Spirit may be moved by You, and that I may see Your loveliness in My heart and My Spirit, so that those on the earth are blessed to see Your beauty. God! May Your Spirit once again move our spirits so that our love is long-lasting and never changes!” What God does in all of us is to first test our hearts, and when we pour our hearts into Him, it is then that He begins to move our spirits.

It is only in the spirit that one can see God’s loveliness, supremacy, and greatness. This is the path of the Holy Spirit in human beings. Do you have this kind of life? Have you experienced a life of the Holy Spirit? Has your spirit been moved by God? Have you seen how the Holy Spirit works in people? Have you given over your heart to God entirely? When you fully give your heart to God, you are able to directly experience the life of the Holy Spirit, and His work can be continually revealed to you. At that time, you can become someone who is used by the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to become that kind of person? In My memory, when I was moved by the Holy Spirit and first gave My heart to God, I fell down in front of Him and cried out: “Oh God! It is You who has opened up My eyes so that I may understand Your salvation. I am willing to give My heart to You entirely, and all I ask is that Your will be done. All I wish is that My heart gain Your approval in Your presence, and to do Your will.” That prayer is most unforgettable for Me; I was deeply moved, and I wept bitterly in front of God. That was My first successful prayer in God’s presence as a person who has been saved, and it was My first aspiration. I was frequently moved by the Holy Spirit after that. Have you had this kind of experience? How has the Holy Spirit worked in you? I think that people who seek to love God will all have this kind of experience, to greater or lesser degrees, but people forget about them. If someone says they haven’t had this kind of experience, that proves that they have not yet been saved and are still under the domain of Satan. The work that the Holy Spirit carries out in everyone is the path of the Holy Spirit, and it is also the path of someone who believes in and seeks God. The first step of work that the Holy Spirit performs on people is that of moving their spirits. After that, they will begin to love God and pursue life; all of those on this path are within the stream of the Holy Spirit. These are not only the dynamics of God’s work in mainland China, but also in the entire universe. He does this on all of mankind. If someone has not been moved even once, this shows that they are outside of this stream of recovery. I pray to God unceasingly in My heart that He may move all people, that everyone under the sun may be moved by Him and walk this path. Perhaps this is some minuscule request I have of God, but I believe that He will do this. I hope that all of My brothers and sisters will pray for this, that God’s will may be done, and that His work may conclude soon so that His Spirit in heaven may be at rest. This is My own little hope.

I believe that since God can carry out His work in one city of demons, then He certainly is able to carry out His work in countless cities of demons across the universe. Those of us of the final age will certainly see the day of God’s glory. This is called “following to the end will result in salvation.” No one can replace God in this stage of His work — only God Himself can do it. This is because it is extraordinary; it is a stage of the work of conquering, and human beings cannot conquer other humans. It is only the words from God’s own mouth and the things that He does personally that can conquer mankind. God is using the country of the great red dragon as a testing ground. After this, He will begin this work in the entire universe. That means that God will carry out even greater work throughout the universe, and all the people of the universe will receive God’s work of conquest. People of every religion and every denomination must accept this stage of work. This is a path that must be taken — no one can escape it. Are you willing to accept this which is entrusted to you by God? I always feel that accepting something entrusted by the Holy Spirit is a glorious thing. The way I see it, this is the greatest trust that God puts in mankind. I hope to have My brothers and sisters work hard alongside Me and accept this from God, so that God may be glorified throughout the entire universe, and our lives will not be in vain. We should do something for God, or we should make an oath. If someone believes in God but doesn’t have an object of pursuit, then their life comes to naught, and when the time comes for them to die, they have only the blue sky and the dusty earth to look at. Is that a meaningful life? If you are able to meet God’s requirements while you are living, is this not a beautiful thing? Why are you always seeking out trouble, and downcast? That way do you gain anything at all from God? And can God gain anything from you? Within the promise I have made with God, I simply give My heart to Him and do not fool Him with My words. I would not do something like that — I am only willing to comfort the God that I love with My heart, so that His Spirit in heaven may be comforted. The heart may be valuable but love is more precious. I am willing to give the most precious love in My heart to God so that what He enjoys is the most beautiful thing I have, that He may be fulfilled by the love that I offer up to Him. Are you willing to give your love to God for Him to enjoy? Are you willing to make this your own capital for survival? What I see from My experience is that the more love I give to God, the more I feel that I am living with joy, and I have boundless strength, I am willing to sacrifice My entire body and mind, and always feel that I cannot possibly love God enough. So is your love a negligible love, or is it infinite, immeasurable? If you truly want to love God, you will always have more love to give back to Him. If that’s the case, what person and what thing can possibly stand in the way of your love for God?

God sees all of mankind’s love as precious; He heaps even more of His blessings on all those who love Him. This is because man’s love is so hard to come by, there is so little of it, and it almost can’t be found. Throughout the universe, God has attempted to demand that people return love to Him, but through all the ages until now, those who have given genuine love back to God are few — they are small in number. As far as I remember, Peter was one, but he was personally guided by Jesus and it was only at the time of his death that he gave his full love to God, ending that life of his. Therefore, it’s under these kinds of unfavorable conditions that God has narrowed the scope of His work in the universe, using the country of the great red dragon as a demonstration. He is focusing all of His energy and His efforts in one place. This will have more favorable outcomes and will be more beneficial to His witness. It is under these two conditions that God moved His work of the entire universe to these people of the poorest caliber in mainland China and began His loving work of conquest so that after these people are able to love Him, He can carry out the next step of His work. This is God’s plan. The fruit of His work will be greatest this way. The scope of His work is both centered and contained. It’s clear how great of a price that God has paid and how much effort He has expended by carrying out His work in us, that our day has come. This is our blessing. So, what is not in line with human notions is that Westerners envy us for having been born in a nice place, but we all see ourselves as lowly and humble. Isn’t this God uplifting us? The descendants of the great red dragon who have always been trampled upon are looked up to by Westerners — this is truly our blessing. When I think of this, I am overcome by the kindness of God, and by His dearness and closeness. From this it can be seen that what God does is all incompatible with human notions, and although all of these people are cursed, He is not constrained by the strictures of the law and He has intentionally centered His work around this piece of the earth. This is why I rejoice, why I feel immeasurably happy. As someone who takes a leading role in the work, just like the chief priests among the Israelites, I am able to directly carry out the work of the Spirit and directly serve the Spirit of God; this is My blessing. Who would dare to think of something like this? But today, this has unexpectedly come upon us. It truly is an enormous joy that merits our celebration. I hope that God continues to bless us and lift us up so that those of us in the dunghill may be made great use of by God, thus allowing us to repay His love.

Repaying God’s love is the path that I am now taking, but I feel that this is not God’s will, nor is it the path that I should be walking. God’s will is for Me to be made great use of by Him — this is the path of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps I am mistaken. I think this is the path that I am taking since I established My resolve with God a long time ago. I am willing to have God guide Me so that I enter onto the path that I should be on as soon as possible, and satisfy God’s will as soon as possible. No matter what others may think, I believe that doing God’s will is of the utmost importance and it is the most important matter of My life. There is no one who can deprive Me of this right — this is My personal view, and perhaps there are some who can’t understand it, but I believe that I don’t need to justify this to anyone. I will take the path I should take — once I recognize the path I should be on I will take it and will not retreat. Thus I come back to these words: I set My heart on doing God’s will. I expect that My brothers and sisters would not be critical of Me! Overall, as I personally see it, other people can say what they like, but I feel that doing God’s will is critical and I should not be subject to constraints around this. I cannot go wrong when I do His will, and doing this cannot be planned based on My own interests. I believe that God has seen inside of My heart! So how should you understand this? Are you willing to offer yourself up for God? Are you willing to be used by God? Is your own resolve to do the will of God? I hope that My brothers and sisters are all able to gain some amount of assistance from My words. Although My own view is too superficial, I still say what I can so that we can all have a heart-to-heart talk free of any barriers, so that God may remain amongst us forever. These are words from My heart. Alright! That’s all for My heartfelt words for today. I hope that My brothers and sisters continue to work hard, and I hope that the Spirit of God always looks after us!

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