Eastern Lightning | Chapter 36

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Almighty God says: Everything is arranged by My hand. Who dares to do as they please? Who can easily change it? People float about in the air, moving as the dust moves, their faces begrimed, making them repulsive from head to toe. I watch from among the clouds with a heavy heart: Why has man, who was once full of vitality, changed into this appearance? And why is he unaware of this, and insensible to this? Why does he “let himself go” and allow himself to become covered in filth? Such is his lack of love and respect for himself. Why does man always avoid what I ask? Am I really cruel and inhumane toward him? Am I truly arbitrary and unreasonable? So why do people always look at Me with glaring eyes? Why do they always hate Me? Have I brought them to the end of the road? Man has never discovered anything in My chastisement, for he does nothing but grasp the yoke around his neck with both hands, both eyes fixed on Me, as if keeping an eye on an enemy — and only at this moment do I sense how emaciated he is.

It is because of this that I say none has ever stood firm amid trials. Is man’s stature not precisely thus? Does he need Me to tell him the figures for his “measurements”? Man’s “height” is no greater than that of a little worm wriggling along the ground, and his “chest” is but the same width as a snake’s. In this, I am not belittling man — are these not the exact figures of his stature? Have I degraded man? Man is like a frolicking child. There are even times when he plays with animals, yet he remains happy; and he is like a cat, living a life without care or worry. Maybe it is because of the direction of the Spirit, or the role of the God in heaven, that I feel profoundly weary of the extravagant lifestyles of people on earth. Because of the life of man — which is like that of a parasite — My “interest” in the words “human life” has increased somewhat, and so I have become a little more “reverential” toward human life. For it would seem that only man is capable of creating a life that has meaning, whereas I am incapable of this. So I can but retreat to the “mountains,” for I am not able to experience and observe the hardship among man. Yet man forces Me to — I’ve no choice! I can but obey the arrangements of man, summarizing experience together with him and undergoing human life alongside him. In heaven, I once toured the whole city, and beneath heaven, I once toured all countries. Yet no one ever discovered Me, they merely heard the sound of My movement when I was moving around. In people’s eyes, I come and go without trace. It is as if I’ve become an invisible idol in their hearts, yet people don’t believe so. Could it be that all of this is not facts confessed by the mouth of man? At this point, who does not acknowledge that they should be chastised? Could people still hold their heads high before concrete proof?

I do a business deal among man, I wipe away all of his impurity and unrighteousness, and thus “process” him so that he may be after My own heart. Yet man’s cooperation is indispensable to this stage of work, for he is always leaping and jumping about like a fish that has just been caught. So, to prevent any accidents, I killed all the fish that had been caught, after which the fish became obedient, and had not the slightest complaint. When I need man, he is always hidden. It is as if he’s never seen astonishing scenes, as if he was born in the countryside and knows nothing of city matters. I add My wisdom to the parts of man that are lacking, and cause him to know Me; because man is too poor, I personally come among man and give him “the path to riches,” making him open his eyes. In this, am I not saving him? Is this not My compassion for man? Is love giving unconditionally? Is chastisement only hate? I have explained to man from different perspectives, but he treats this as but words and doctrines. It is as if My utterances are second-grade goods, which are sold as write-offs in the hands of man. Thus, when I tell people that a great storm is coming to engulf the mountain village, no one thinks anything of it, only a few of them move their homes, their hearts doubtful. The rest do not move, as if indifferent, as if I am a swallow from the sky — they understand nothing of what I say. Only when the mountains topple and the earth is rent asunder do people think of My words, only then are they awoken from their dreams, but the time has already come, they are engulfed in the great flood, their corpses floating on the surface of the water. Seeing the misery in the world, I let out a sigh for man’s misfortune. I expended much time, and paid a great price, for the sake of man’s fate. In people’s minds, I have no tear ducts — but I, this “freak” without tear ducts, have cried many tears for man. Man, however, knows nothing of this, he merely plays with the toys in his hands in the earth, as if I don’t exist. Thus, in today’s circumstances, people remain callous and dull-witted, they are still “frozen” in the basements, as if they are still lying in a cave. Seeing man’s actions, My only choice is to leave …

In people’s eyes, I have done much that is good for man, and thus they look upon Me as a role model for the present age. Yet never have they regarded Me as the Ruler of man’s fate and the Creator of all things. It is as if they do not understand Me. Although people once cried “Long live the understanding,” no one has spent much time analyzing the word “understanding,” showing that people have no desire to love Me. In today’s times, people have never treasured Me, I have no place in their hearts. Could they show a true love for Me in the days of suffering to come? Man’s righteousness remains something without form, something that cannot be seen or touched. What I want is man’s heart, for in the human body the heart is what’s most precious. Are My deeds not fit to be repaid with man’s heart? Why do people not give Me their hearts? Why do they always hug them to their own breasts, unwilling to let them go? Can the heart of man ensure peace and happiness throughout people’s lives? Why, when I ask things of people, do they always grab a handful of dust from the ground and fling it at Me? Is this man’s crafty scheme? It is as if they are trying to trick a passerby who has nowhere to go, enticing them back to their home, where they turn nasty and murder them. People have also wanted to do such things to Me. It is as if they’re an executioner who will kill someone without blinking an eye, as if they are the king of devils, for whom it is second nature to kill people. But now people come before Me, still wishing to employ such means — yet they have their plans, and I have My countermeasures. Even though people do not love Me, how could I not make My countermeasures public to man at this time? I have infinite, immeasurable skill in handling man; every part of him is personally handled by Me, and personally processed by Me. Ultimately, I shall make man endure the pain to part from what he loves, and make him submit to My arrangements, and at that time, what will people have to complain about? Is all that I do not for the sake of man? In times gone by, I never told man of the steps of My work — but today, in a time that is unlike the past, because the content of My work is different, I have told people of My work in advance to prevent them falling down as a result of this. Is this not the vaccination that I have injected into man? For whatever reason, people have never seriously considered My words; it is as if there is hunger in their bellies and they are not picky about what they eat, which has weakened their stomachs. But people take their “healthy constitution” as capital and take no notice of the “doctor’s” admonishments. Seeing their imperviousness, I find Myself concerned for man. Because people are too small, and have yet to experience human life, they have no fear; in their hearts, the words “human life” don’t exist, they have no regard for them, and merely despise My words, as if I have become a rambling old lady. In sum, whatever the case, I hope that people can understand My heart, for I have no desire to send man into the land of death. I hope that man can understand what My mood is at this very moment, and be considerate of the burden I carry precisely this time.

April 26, 1992

from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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