God’s Word | Chapter 44

Almighty God says: People treat My work as an adjunct, they do not forgo food or sleep for its sake, and so I have no choice but to make fitting demands of man as befits his attitude toward Me. I recall that I once gave man much grace and many blessings, but after snatching these things he immediately left. It was as if I was unconsciously giving them to him. And so, man has always loved Me amid his own conceptions. I want man to truly love Me, but today, people still dilly-dally, unable to give their true love to Me. In their imagination, they believe that if they give their true love to Me, they’ll be left with nothing.

When I object, their whole bodies tremble — yet they remain unwilling to give their true love to Me. It is as if they are waiting for something, and so they look ahead, never telling Me what’s really going on. It is like a sticker has been stuck over their mouths, so they never speak openly. Before man, it seems, I have become a cutthroat capitalist. People are always afraid of Me: At the sight of Me, they immediately disappear without a trace, terrified of what I’ll ask them about their circumstances. I do not know the reason why people are capable of a sincere love of their “fellow villagers,” but are unable to love Me, who am upstanding in spirit. Because of this I sigh: Why do people always release their love in the world of man? Why can’t I taste the love of man? Is it because I am not one of mankind? People always treat Me like a savage in the mountains. It is as if I lack what makes up a normal person, and so before Me people always affect a high moral tone. They often drag Me before them to rebuke Me, telling Me off as they would a child of preschool age; because, in people’s memories, I am someone who is irrational and uneducated, they always play the part of the educator before Me. I do not chastise people for their failings, but give them suitable assistance, allowing them to receive regular “economic aid.” Because man has always lived amid catastrophe and finds it difficult to escape, and amidst this disaster he has always called out to Me, I punctually deliver “grain supplies” into his hands, allowing all people to live in the great family of the new era, and experience the warmth of the great family. When I observe the work among man, I discover man’s many defects, and as a result I give man help. Even at this time, there is still exceptional poverty among man, and thus I have bestowed suitable care upon “impoverished areas,” lifting them from poverty. This is the means by which I work, allowing all people to enjoy My grace as much as they can.

The people on earth unconsciously suffer chastisement, and so I open My great hand and pull them to My side, allowing them the good fortune to enjoy My grace on earth. On earth, what is not empty and without value? I walk among all places in the world of man, and though there are plenty of famous monuments and pleasing natural scenery, everywhere I go has long since become bereft of vitality. Only then do I sense the gloominess and desolation on earth: Upon earth, life has long since disappeared, there is only the odor of death, and thus I have ever called upon man to hurry up and leave this land of affliction. All that I see is redolent of emptiness. I take the chance to hurl the life in My hand toward those whom I have selected; suddenly, there is a patch of green upon the land. People are willing to enjoy the things of vitality upon the earth, but I find no pleasure in this; people always cherish the things upon the earth, and never see their emptiness, such that, having reached this point today, still they do not understand why no life exists upon the earth. Today, as I walk amongst the universe, people are able to enjoy the grace of the place where I am, and they take this as capital, never pursuing the source of life. They all use what I give as capital, yet none of them tries to perform the original function of vitality. They don’t know how to use or develop natural resources, and thus they are left destitute. I reside among man, I live among man, yet today man still does not know Me. Though people have given Me much help as a result of My being so far from home, it is as if I have yet to establish the right friendship with man, and thus I still feel the unfairness of the world of man; in My eyes, mankind, after all, is empty, and there is no treasure of any value among man. I don’t know what view people have of human life, but in sum, My own is inseparable from the word “empty.” I hope people don’t think badly of Me because of this — that’s just how I am, I’m forthright, I don’t try and be polite. However, I’d advise people to pay closer attention to what I think, for My words, after all, are of help to them. I do not know what understanding people have of “emptiness.” My hope is that they spend a little effort on this work. They’d do well to actually experience human life, and see if they can find any valuable “minerals” in it. I’m not trying to dampen people’s positivity, I just want them to gain some knowledge in My words. I always rush about for the sake of human matters, but even having reached this point today, people still haven’t spoken a word of thanks, as if they’re too busy, and have forgotten this. Even today, I still don’t understand what effect man’s rushing about all day has had. Up till today I still don’t have a place in people’s hearts, and so once again fall into deep thought. I have begun setting to the work of researching “why people do not have a heart that truly loves Me”: I shall lift man onto the “operating table,” I shall dissect his heart, and look at what is blocking the way in his heart and stopping him from truly loving Me. Under the effect of “knife,” people squeeze their eyes shut, waiting for Me to begin, for at this time, they have completely yielded; in their hearts I find many other adulterations. In their hearts, chief among these are people’s own things. Although they may have but a few things outside their bodies, those within their bodies are innumerable. It is as if man’s heart is a great big storage box, full of riches, everything people would ever need. Only then do I understand why people never pay Me any regard: It’s because they have great self-sufficiency — what need have they of My help? So I depart from man, for people have no need of My help; why should I put on a brave face and make them hate Me?

Who knows why, but I have always been willing to speak amongst man — it’s as if I can’t help Myself. And thus, people look upon Me as worthless, they always treat Me as something without value, they don’t treat Me as something to be respected. They don’t cherish Me, and they drag Me home at any time and then again throw Me out, “exposing” Me before the public. I have the utmost loathing for man’s ignoble behavior, and thus I baldly say that man is without conscience. But people are intransigent, they take their “swords and spears” and do battle with Me, saying that My words are at odds with actual conditions, saying that I vilify them — but I do not wreak retribution upon them as a result of their violent behavior. I merely use My truths to win people over, to make them feel ashamed of themselves, after which they silently retreat. I do not compete with man, for there is no benefit in that. I will abide by My duty, and I hope that man can also abide by his duty, and not act against Me. Wouldn’t it be better to get along peacefully like this? Why hurt our relationship? We’ve gotten along all these years — what need is there to cause trouble for both of us? Wouldn’t that be of no benefit to either of our reputations? Ours is a years-long “old friendship,” an “old acquaintance” — what need is there to part on acrimonious terms? Is there benefit to this? I hope people pay attention to the impact, that they know what’s good for them. My attitude toward man today is sufficient for a life’s discussion by man — why do people always fail to recognize My kindness? Is it because they lack the powers of expression? Do they lack the sufficient vocabulary? Why are they always lost for words? Who is ignorant of how I conduct Myself? People are perfectly aware of My doings. It’s just they always like to take advantage of others, so they’re never willing to put aside their own interests; if a single word touches upon their own interests, they refuse to let up until they’ve gained the upper hand — and what’s the point in that? Instead of competing over how much they can give, people compete over how much they can get. Though there is no enjoyment in their status, they cherish it very much, and even regard it as a priceless treasure — and so they’d rather endure My chastisement than give up the blessings of status. People think too highly of themselves, and thus are never willing to put themselves aside. Perhaps there are some small inaccuracies in My evaluation of man, or maybe it fits just right — but in sum, My hope is that people take this as a warning.

May 21, 1992

from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Basic Beliefs of The Church of Almighty God



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