Word Of God - What Is Your Understanding of Blessings?

6 min readMar 1, 2019


Almighty God says: Although humans born in this era are subject to the corruption of Satan and filthy demons, they have been brought great salvation due to this corruption; this salvation is even greater than the livestock carpeting the mountains and the plains and the vast wealth gained by Job, and also greater than the blessing of seeing Jehovah that Job received after his trials. It was only after Job underwent the trial of death that he heard Jehovah speak and heard Jehovah’s voice in the whirlwind. However, he did not see Jehovah’s face, and he did not know His disposition. What Job gained was merely material wealth that provided physical pleasures and the most beautiful children of all the cities around, as well as protection from the angels of heaven. He never saw Jehovah, and even though he was called righteous, he never knew Jehovah’s disposition.

Although the people of today are temporarily poor in terms of material pleasures, or live in a hostile external environment, I have revealed My disposition which I never showed humanity in ages past and which has always been secret, as well as My mysteries from before the ages, to these people who are lowest but to whom I have also given My great salvation. Moreover, this is the first time I have revealed them. I have never done this kind of work before. Although you are far inferior to Job, what you have gained and what you have seen have far surpassed him. Although you have undergone all kinds of suffering and experienced all manner of torment, that suffering is not at all like the trials of Job; rather, it is the judgment and chastisement that people have received because of their rebelliousness, because of their resistance, and because of My righteous disposition; it is righteous judgment, chastisement, and curse. Job was a righteous man among the Israelites who received Jehovah’s great love and mercy. He had committed no evil acts, and he did not resist Jehovah; rather, he was faithfully devoted to Jehovah. Because of his righteousness, he was subjected to trials, and he underwent fiery trials because he was a faithful servant of Jehovah. People today are subjected to My judgment and curse due to their filthiness and unrighteousness. Although their suffering is nothing like what Job went through when he lost his livestock, his property, his servants, his children, and all of those dear to him, what people suffer is fiery refinement and burning. Also, what makes it more serious than what Job experienced is that this sort of trial is not lessened or removed because of people’s weakness; rather, it is long-lasting, and continues until their final day of life. This is punishment, judgment, and curse; it is merciless burning, and even more, it is humankind’s rightful “inheritance.” It is what people deserve, and it is where My righteous disposition is expressed. This is a known fact. Nevertheless, what people have gained greatly surpasses the suffering they endure today. The suffering you endure is merely a setback resulting from your foolishness, but what you have gained is a hundred times greater than your suffering. According to the laws of Israel in the Old Testament, all those who resist Me, all those who openly judge Me, and all those who do not follow My way, yet boldly offer profane sacrifices to Me, will certainly be destroyed by fire in the temple or be stoned to death by some of the chosen ones, and even the descendants of their own clans and other direct kin will suffer My curse. In the lives to come, they will not be free, but will be the slaves of My slaves, and I will drive them into exile among the Gentiles, and they will be unable to return to their homeland. Based on their actions and behavior, the suffering endured by people today is not nearly as serious as the punishment suffered by the Israelites. Saying that what you are currently suffering is retribution is not without reason, and this is because you have really crossed the line. If you had been in Israel, you would have become eternal sinners, and you would have been cut to pieces by the Israelites long ago as well as been burnt by the fire from heaven in Jehovah’s temple. And what is it that you have now gained? What have you received, and what have you enjoyed? I have revealed My righteous disposition in you, but most important is that I have revealed My patience for redeeming humankind. One could say that the only work I have done in you is the work of patience, that it is done for the sake of My management; moreover, it is done for the sake of humanity’s enjoyment.

Although Job underwent trials from Jehovah, he was merely a righteous man who worshiped Jehovah. Despite undergoing those trials, he did not complain about Jehovah, and he treasured his encounter with Him. Not only do the people of today not cherish Jehovah’s presence, but they reject, detest, complain about, and mock His appearance. Have you not gained more than a little? Has your suffering really been so great? Have you not been more fortunate than Mary and James? Has your resistance really been so trivial? Could it be that what I have required of you and what I have asked from you has been too great and too much? My wrath was only unleashed upon those Israelites who resisted Me, not directly upon you, and what you have gained has been merely My merciless judgment and revelations, as well as relentless fiery refinement. In spite of this, people continue to resist and refute Me without a shred of submission. There are even some who distance themselves from Me and deny Me; such people are no better than the band of Korah and Dathan who opposed Moses. People’s hearts are too hardened, and their natures are too stubborn. They will never change their old ways. They are laid bare like prostitutes in broad daylight by My speech, and My words are even so harsh that they are “offensive to the ears,” exposing people’s natures to the light of day. Nevertheless, people merely nod their heads, shed a few tears, and force themselves to feel a bit sad. Once this has passed, they are as fierce as the king of wild beasts in the mountains, and they have no awareness at all. How can people with this kind of disposition know that they have been a hundred times more fortunate than Job? How can they discover that what they enjoy are blessings that have hardly been seen throughout the ages, and that no one has ever enjoyed before? How can people’s consciences feel this kind of blessing that carries punishment? Frankly speaking, all I require of you is so that you will be able to be models for My work and be witnesses for My entire disposition and all of My actions, and so that you may be freed from the afflictions of Satan. However, humans are always repelled by My work and are intentionally hostile to it. How could such people not incite Me to bring back the laws of Israel, and to bring upon them the wrath I brought upon Israel? Although there are many among you who are “obedient and submissive” toward Me, there are even more who are of the ilk of the band of Korah. Once I have attained My full glory, I will use the fire from heaven to burn them to ashes. You should know that I will no longer chastise people with My words; rather, before doing the work of Israel, I will completely incinerate “the band of Korah” who resist Me and whom I long ago eliminated. Humankind will no longer have the opportunity to enjoy Me, but all that they will see will be My wrath and flames from heaven. I will reveal the various outcomes of all sorts of people, and I will divide them all into categories. I will take note of their every rebellious act, and then finish My work, so that people’s outcomes will be determined based on My verdict while on the earth as well as by their attitudes toward Me. When that time comes, there will be nothing that can change their outcomes. Let people reveal their own outcomes! Then I will hand people’s outcomes over to the heavenly Father.

from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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